DDOWT is a group of concerned members of the 
Dutton/Dunwich community and supportive partners, 
who have been working together since 2012 to 
oppose the development of Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) 
projects in our community.


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DDOWT Support is Growing

Over the past 5 years, the support we have received from the community has grown incredibly. As more and more people learn details about the Strong Breeze Wind Project and how this proposed wind power plant will impact the community, they look for ways to help in the opposition fight.

As of 2018 we have nearly 300 supportive families that receive updates from DDOWT,  by email and other methods, regarding what is happening in the fight.

We have held numerous public awareness events, including demonstrations, door-to-door blitzes to speak with citizens, and media releases to local radio, TV and print sources.

Since 2018 we have held 3 fund-raiser golf tournaments, a quarter auction and a donation campaign. The local citizens and businesses have been so very supportive of our fund-raising efforts. We have had 100's of financial and in kind donations. As our fight now focuses on legal actions, we will be conducting another donation campaign early in 2018. More information about that will be available shortly.

We give our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of those families and businesses that have supported us in the past, and continue to encourage us in our opposition strategies. TOGETHER WE FIGHT!!