DDOWT is a group of concerned members of the 
Dutton/Dunwich community and supportive partners, 
who have been working together since 2012 to 
oppose the development of Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) 
projects in our community.


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Wind Turbine projects not required to use new MOECC noise guidelines
from The Review.ca Feb. 5/18
"75% of proposed turbines across the five Ontario wind projects (including Dutton Dunwich) would need to be moved or could not be built under new guidelines," Eric Gillespie, lawyer for DDOWT and the three other opposition groups. 

Ontario Environment Ministry Sued over 

Failure to Protect the Public from Industrial Wind Turbine Noise

January 25, 2018 – Toronto, Ontario

A judicial review application has been filed against the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (“MOECC”) in the Divisional Court in Toronto. The application alleges Ontario regulations and directives limit the amount of noise any residence in the province should have to tolerate from a wind project. Modelling is used to predict these impacts.

The MOECC has admitted previous guidelines resulted in underestimates of the noise at nearby homes. However, without any evidence that this was necessary, the MOECC has allowed companies promoting at least five large-scale wind projects to ignore new government guidelines. The result is hundreds of Ontario residents near these planned turbines could be living next to turbines that produce noise out of compliance with government regulations. If these projects, located in various parts of Ontario, were required to comply with the new guidelines, it is estimated up to three-quarters of these turbines would have to be relocated or removed.

“The government knows the modeling done by wind companies is wrong. However, the government now doesn’t require them to follow the proper process. It’s not surprising people from across Ontario are joining together to vigorously oppose this” said Eric Gillespie, legal counsel for the court applicant.

“We do not take this step lightly,” commented Bonnie Rowe, spokesperson for Dutton Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines, applicant in this suit. “But we estimate that these five proposed wind power projects will be out of compliance with noise levels as soon as they go on-line. In the Dutton Dunwich case, the majority of the proposed turbines, as well as the transformer, will likely produce noise over the MOECC maximum allowable levels. That is just unacceptable, especially to the many citizens living nearby, who will be forced to endure that noise.”

The Concerned Citizens of North Stormont are in complete support of this legal challenge,” said spokesperson Margaret Benke. “Protection of the health and safety of well over 1200 local residents is our main concern and we feel that the MOECC must be held to account.”

We fully support this legal action,” said Julie Leroux, spokesperson for Save the Nation. “By allowing the construction of the Eastern Fields project, according to outdated noise regulations, the MOECC would deny protection of health and well being for hundreds of local residents, for the next 20 years. We strongly feel that this is unacceptable.”

For further information please contact:

Eric Gillespie, legal counsel 416-436-7473 (phone/text).

Bonnie Rowe, Dutton Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines 519-639-5415 (phone/text)

Margaret Benke, Concerned Citizens of North Stormont 613-558-9236 (phone/text) 

Julie Leroux, Save the Nation 613-307-1499 (phone/text)

Violet Towell, Wallaceburg Area Wind Concerns 519-350-1829 (phone/text) 

Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are available by 
contacting Yvonne Brooks
28143 Talbot Line 
west of Wallacetown  

​Cost is $5 each.

A donation is appreciated 

but not required. 

Thank-you for showing your opposition.

This is the second in the special CBC report: Wind Farm Opposition Roars

Citizens in Dutton Dunwich express their thoughts and concerns on the planned Wind Turbine power plant that is proposed for their community. A local citizen questions, "When, in the democratic process, do the rights of the minority outweigh the rights of the majority?" Visit: www.windconcernsontario.ca/wind-farm-opposition-roars-radio-canada-special-report/

Chatham-Kent: land of Black Water — special CBC report

This is the first in a series of stories about living with a Wind Power Plant in your back yard, posted by CBC. This one covers the terrible well-water consequences being suffered by citizens right next door to us in Chatham-Kent. Keep tuned to CBC TV for the next in the series, as Dutton Dunwich citizens were interviewed recently about their concerns, for this series.  Visit: http://www.windconcernsontario.ca/chatham-kent-land-of-black-water-special-cbc-report/#comments

Un-Happy Faces on the Citizens of Dutton Dunwich

Oct 25, 2017 - A high-flying un-happy face was representative of the many upset citizens in Dutton Dunwich who attended the Invenergy “public meeting” last evening at the Dutton Community Centre. An 8-foot balloon, with an un-happy face on it, was floating 200 feet above the Community Centre, with a sign indicating that the proposed turbines will be 3 times as high as the balloon. The 16 - 20 turbines at 590 feet, will be some of the highest to be built to date in Ontario.

Meanwhile, outside the community centre, over a hundred upset citizens demonstrated with signs, and information handouts to those arriving. A number of media outlets covered the event, and spoke to both demonstrators and wind proponents inside.

Inside the hall, set up as an open house, as opposed to town hall public meeting format, citizens read information panels about the Strong Breeze Wind Project being proposed, and spoke to representatives from Invenergy, the company that is pushing to build this project, as well as Stantec Consulting staff, hired by Invenergy to develop the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) for submission to various government bodies. Invenergy is hoping to receive the go-ahead from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, so that construction can begin in 2018.

Tempers flared at times, as citizens tried to have their concerns heard, about aspects of the project. Some of the issues brought forward include noise disturbances, shadow flicker, blinking navigational lights at night, damage to the natural environment including birds, bats and amphibians, interference with the cultural environment such as historic buildings and views, damage to aquifers and water wells, and much more.

Very few of the landowners who have optioned their farmland to build the turbines were present. A few members of the Erie Breezes Cooperative, which was developed to encourage community buy-in to the Strong Breeze Project, were present as well. According to their web-site, the cooperative feels that for Canada to have a 100% renewable energy supply is achievable!

Video of the event was posted in “Go-Live” format on DDOWT’s FaceBook page and numerous comments were consequently received on both sides of the argument. Of particular note are comments from young people in the community, making their views known about the Wind Turbine Project. Go to www.facebook.com/DDOWT, to follow the discussion. Community opposition is expected to continue throughout the ensuing process.

Public Meeting - Tomorrow October 25th 6-9pm

Please take the time to come out to the public meeting at the Dutton Community Centre, 1 Scotland Dr., Dutton. Learn first-hand just what Invenergy has in store for our community. See how the construction and operation of this proposed Wind Power Plant will affect you and your property. Make your views clear to the company representatives. And show your support to the volunteers demonstrating outside the Community Centre. Your attendance is appreciated.

Thousands of Wind Turbine Noise Complaints go Unheeded by Ministry of the Environment


Dutton Dunwich May 31, 2017 –


DDOWT has written to the Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, demanding that he halt all approvals to new wind power projects in light of recently released information.


Documents obtained by Wind Concerns Ontario under Freedom of Information show that thousands of noise complaints were filed with the government about wind farms from 2006 onward, yet the government passed the Green Energy Act anyway, while failing to respond effectively to reports of excessive noise and vibration.


Hundreds of people in Dutton Dunwich will be exposed to noise emissions from the Strong Breezes power project if it is approved, in spite of the fact that 84% of residents surveyed do not support the project. The Wind Concerns documents show that there has been little or no resolution of problems reported with wind power project noise, and the government has failed to protect health.


 “Noise emissions, both audible and inaudible low frequency noise, have been a concern of many of our citizens. This recent news that there are thousands of noise complaints, most of which were not dealt with adequately by the MOECC, justifies our concerns.” says Dave Congdon, spokesperson for the citizen group Dutton Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines (DDOWT).

“We expect that at a minimum, more than 450 people in Dutton Dunwich, including young children and seniors, will be exposed to the noise produced by these industrial power-generating machines, and who may experience disturbed sleep and other symptoms. This is totally unacceptable.”

“Dutton Dunwich is near Chatham-Kent, where citizens have been forced to live near hundreds of wind turbines. We have heard from many of our neighbours there,” says Jamie Littlejohn, a Dutton Dunwich farmer and DDOWT spokesperson. They confirm that when they phone in noise complaints to the MOECC spills line, they get very little, if any, assistance. This recent evidence that the government is not fulfilling its mandate to help citizens who are suffering, is a clear indication that the wind contracts must be cancelled.”

For a full report: http://www.windconcernsontario.ca/ontario-government-failed-to-respond-to-wind-turbine-noise-reports-documents-show/

For Global National News coverage go to:  http://globalnews.ca/news/3490234/ontario-wind-turbines-family-complaints/

If you wish to help DDOWT in our fight against the Strong Breeze Wind Power Project in Dutton Dunwich, you can get more details by contacting us at:

Phone - 519-488-1640 and leave call-back details

PM on our Facebook page DDOWT

Email -  [email protected]

Wind Opposition in Dutton Dunwich Is Growing

March 24, 2017

When Chicago-based wind company Invenergy looked for Aboriginal support for their project in Dutton Dunwich, in order to strengthen their bid to the IESO, they decided to go to the Northern Chiefs Council (NCC) located 1000 km away in Northern Ontario. Darryl Chrisjohn attended the public meetings, held recently by Invenergy in Dutton, on behalf of his clan in Oneida of the Thames, a few km from Dutton.

Standing with 60 other opponents of the Strong Breeze Wind Project, at a demonstration outside the public meeting, Darryl spoke eloquently of the need for us all to work together to preserve this earth for our future generations. Regarding Invenergy bringing the NCC into the project as an investment partner, Darryl clarified emphatically, “This land here belongs to the Six Nations Confederacy – there are no other Treaty Nations that have authority to be doing business in this territory. These dealings that are going on, are behind our backs, or under the table. Oneida has not been consulted on this project. And that’s wrong! I am here to stand with my sisters and brothers in Dutton Dunwich to oppose this wind project.”

Also attending the demonstration, was Elgin-Middlesex MPP Jeff Yurek, who has been supporting both Dutton Dunwich and Oneida in their opposition efforts. “The Provincial Government has to stop and listen to what the people in Dutton Dunwich and Oneida are saying, as opposed to the decision-makers in Toronto. Now that we have more people joining the fight against this wind project, I think it opens up the avenue that the government should bring an end to this wind project.”

The public open houses held last Thursday and Friday were the first mandatory public meetings required by Invenergy to submit their Renewable Energy Approval application. A final public meeting will be required at some time before their final application is submitted, which they expect to do this summer. Pending approval of the application by the Ministry of the Environment, Invenergy intends to begin construction of up to 20 Industrial-scale Wind Turbines in 2018-19.

For more video and live coverage of the public meetings & demonstration, go to “DDOWT” on Facebook.

Despite Angry Majority in Dutton Dunwich Wind Turbine Company Pushes Ahead


After trying to deal with a hall filled with angry Dutton Dunwich citizens, at a town hall meeting Invenergy held in July 2015 to talk about their Industrial Wind Turbine plans, the Chicago-based company is trying to save themselves some hassle this year. Taking the coward’s way out, Invenergy is holding open houses this week, as a way to meet their mandatory requirements for “Community Engagement” for their proposed Strong Breeze Wind Project. Despite this supposedly calmer format, they may find that the 84% of Dutton Dunwich citizens that voted NO in a referendum in 2014, are still strongly opposed and very upset!

In March 2016, the Province of Ontario, through the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), awarded Invenergy a contract to build up to 20 Industrial Wind Turbines in Dutton Dunwich, despite strong opposition from the local Municipal Council. The Ontario Liberals’ Green Energy Act had removed the democratic rights of Municipal Government to have a say in the development of renewable energy projects. In September 2016, the Energy Minister announced that Ontario had enough electricity production to meet needs for a decade, and they were suspending further Renewable Energy contracting – this did not however apply to the contracts they had just signed 6 months before, three of which were approved in Unwilling Host communities, North Stormont and The Nation in eastern Ontario, and Dutton Dunwich.

The citizens’ opposition group DDOWT, Dutton Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines, has been an active advocate for the majority of DD citizens since 2012, opposing this Strong Breeze project in numerous ways.  

DDOWT and their supporters will be holding peaceful demonstrations at the open houses, at the Dutton Community Centre, 1 Scotland St., Dutton on March 23rd, 2-4pm, and March 24, 6-9pm.  MPP Jeff Yurek, MP Karen Vecchio, other local politicians and recent new local partners, have also been invited to attend to show their support.

DDOWT Executive member and local farmer, Jamie Littlejohn states, “I believe we should do everything we can to preserve our planet with environmentally sound protocols, but the citizens of Ontario have been misled, misinformed, and lied to by corporate and political initiatives of greed. Projects such as Strong Breeze stand behind the cloak of environmentalism as they destroy municipalities and ultimately our province. This insanity has to stop.”


DDOWT Executive, and community resident Dave Congdon adds, “We hear from local citizens frequently. They are angry that our provincial government has allowed this to happen. Their concerns run the range of issues from this project costing so much to produce electricity we don’t need, to worries about our local bird and bat population, the health of people that have to live near the turbines, and the damage this unwanted project is already doing to our quiet, friendly rural community. I think these angry folks will be out to the public meetings in numbers. And members of a new supportive partner group will also be attending.”


Jamie Littlejohn, DDOWT Executive 519-619-4548 / [email protected]

Dave Congdon, DDOWT Executive 519-860-5806 / [email protected]

Few Economic Benefits for Wind Turbines in Dutton Dunwich

Monday, February 20, 2017

Hello DDOWT supporters and those that care about the future of Dutton Dunwich,

You may have noticed in last week's Chronicle, that Invenergy, the company proposing to build Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT) in Dutton Dunwich, has scheduled two public "meetings" for March 23, and 24. They have taken the cowardly way out of this mandatory public meeting requirement, and are holding only open houses, but no town hall, or formal presentations. They are doing this to avoid the strong push-back they received at their last public meeting in July 2015. 

In addition, they have posted a document to the Strong Breeze web-site entitled "Economic Benefits of Wind Power Development and Operation in Dutton Dunwich, Ontario" which you can find here http://strongbreezewind.com/documents/ This very un-balanced description of the "good" to come to Dutton Dunwich, was created by their hired academic, Guy Holburn, who has produced this type of paper for other IWT proponents. DDOWT has created the attached rebuttal to this unbalanced narrative. We hope that you read both documents and form your own opinions about the benefits of which they boast.

Also, Invenergy stated in the public announcement that they would be making available next Tuesday, Feb. 21st, the Draft Project Description Report for public review. No doubt we will find it on the above Strong Breeze web-site. This will be the first report of any kind of detail about the Strong Breeze project, that they have made public. So look for that report, and please read it carefully, so that you know exactly how this project might impact you and our community.

Please plan to attend one or both of the two public open houses at the Dutton Community Centre, March 23rd 2-4pm and March 24th 6-9pm. Make your voice heard then, and also to your Municipal, Provincial and Federal representatives as well.

Bonnie Rowe
​Secretary/Treasurer, DDOWT

email: [email protected]

website: www.ddowt.ca

facebook: www.facebook.ca/DDOWT

Rebuttal to January 30, 2017 paper entitled:

Economic Benefits of Wind Power Development and Operation in Dutton Dunwich, Ontario

(the following responses have been prepared by DDOWT, referencing information from the 2011 and 2016 Auditor General’s report, The Financial Post, Wind Concerns Ontario, Energy Sector researcher Parker Gallant, The Fraser Institute, The Society of Professional Engineers, and others. For a list of links, see references at the end of this rebuttal)


The paper above was commissioned and prepared for Invenergy Canada LLC by Associate Professor Guy Holburn, who is the Suncor (owns a number of Wind Farms in Ontario) Chair in Energy Policy at Western University. The paper describes the speculative economic benefits of the proposed Strong Breeze Wind Project planned in Dutton Dunwich (DD). The paper makes several claims of possible economic benefit from the 17 Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs) to be built in our beautiful rural community. The paper does not thoroughly address the numerous negative impacts that occur when an Industrial Wind Turbine projects comes to a rural community. DDOWT is offering this rebuttal to assist our local community in considering ALL the facts when deciding what the economic “benefits” of wind power in Dutton Dunwich really will be.

As you read the Invenergy paper, keep in mind the following key facts:

  • This is your money being used. There are no new dollars generated or net value created from this scheme – the dollar payments described within all flow from Ontario government Green Energy Act subsidises redistributing your hard-earned tax dollars and hydro bill payments to make this happen;
  • There are actually very few local benefits – most of the benefits and payments will leave Dutton Dunwich;
  • The jobs described are largely temporary construction jobs for a year or so with perhaps 2 or 3 permanent jobs later;
  • The significant profits not mentioned in their paper will leave Canada, going to Invenergy, owned by one multi-millionaire Chicago businessman;
  • The energy produced by this wind project represents electricity Ontario doesn’t need, produced at huge costs, then largely exported away to neighbouring states and provinces at massive losses;
  • The net loss of good paying permanent manufacturing jobs to south of the border is a direct link to the generation of this unneeded and unaffordable electricity;
  • Serious and demonstrated environmental, aesthetic and health concerns are not addressed in this paper, nor are these long-term costs factored into the overall financial picture.

Wind Power in Ontario:

The Invenergy paper describes a brief history of wind generated power in Ontario and the various government programs to promote it. What it does not include is an analysis of the economic impact of IWT on overall electricity costs to consumers, or the impact of IWT on greenhouse gas emissions. There is ample information and recent evidence available to demonstrate the economic disaster the Green Energy Act is and why renewables are not “Green”. Here are just three of the many damning statements:

On the cost of renewable energy, this from energy analyst Parker Gallant, “Wind and solar in the first six months of 2016 delivered 8% of our generated power and represented 35% of the Global Adjustment (which you pay on your electricity bill) which appears set to average over $1 billion per month”. And on the cost to export our surplus electricity that we don’t need, “the cost of exporting our surplus in 2016 was estimated at $1.85Billion”.

And from the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers or OSPE - the proliferation of large-scale wind will actually increase greenhouse gas emissions, therefore not achieving the government’s stated goals. In the OSPE’s most recent report, they state “Wind generation offers less greenhouse gas reduction value because base-load generation is already carbon-free and wind generation often displaces hydroelectric and nuclear base-load generation.

And from the Fraser Institute, “Phasing out coal had almost no effect on Ontario’s air pollution levels, and the government at Queen’s Park knew this was likely to be the case. It has all been for nothing.”

Dutton Dunwich Profile:

The paper paints a picture of Dutton Dunwich as a small rural community with limited growth and seems to hint at limited prospects that a scheme such as an Industrial Wind Project may solve. Information regarding local employment income and property tax revenues are referenced to showcase the speculative benefits of a community enhancement fund and increases in property taxes from IWTs.

Strong Breeze Wind Project:

This section describes the four-year history of the Strong Breeze project. The paper does not mention the history of community disagreement which dates back that long, culminating in a survey in which 84% of the citizens responding DID NOT want IWT in Dutton Dunwich. The situation as of Feb, 2017 is that the proposed project has been reduced to 17 IWTs of the extra-large 3MW+ variety, estimated to be 640 feet tall.


There are many references to “local” benefits. In fact, the majority of any financial benefits will leave Dutton Dunwich with destinations in the United States, Toronto and the far north.

Local Leaseholders: There will be a very small group of local lease holders and abutting landowners that may see some financial gain. Strong Breeze claims over 100 landowners are involved – these are not necessarily 100 separate families, as one family may own multiple involved properties. It states there are 17 Industrial Wind Turbines to be installed. The 17 lease holders will gain a modest sum (estimated $12,000 - $15,000 per year) and the abutting landowners in agreement (estimated at $300 per year). However, lease holders may have significant long term liabilities reducing any financial gain substantially. These could include problems accessing financing for their farming activities due to the liens placed by the IWT financiers on the industrial wind turbine; problems with severance of their property; and possible damage to irrigation and drainage systems. Farmers leasing land to IWT developments may also be faced with potential lawsuits from neighbours due to health issues and impacts on the value of their adjoining property in the event they wish to sell.

Aboriginal groups: Economic benefits in this category will not be local but will be sent off north to the Northern Chiefs Council Development Fund. Our local bands, who actually hold the Land Treaties to the properties within the Strong Breeze project area, were not approached to invest. Invenergy, perhaps anticipating a negative backlash due to local environmental harm, went to a group of Aboriginal bands 1000 KM away from our area, to obtain the Aboriginal signatures of support in order to get a more favourable bid consideration. This group of northern bands were awarded for their signatures of support with a 11% equity interest. We are sympathetic to the plight of the northern aboriginal bands and their desire to become more energy sustainable but their involvement in our community project is totally inappropriate. This is expected to send $5.8 Million over the 21 years out of the DD area.

Jobs: Construction jobs will mostly be temporary for a year or so, with the majority being hired/contracted outside Dutton Dunwich. There will be only a few permanent jobs. The Auditor General noted that “for each job created through renewable energy programs, about 2-4 jobs are often lost in other sectors of the economy because of higher electricity prices”. The large majority of construction materials will be sourced outside of DD.

Property Tax Payments: The cost of one 3MW IWT is estimated at $6 Million, which at the “Large Industrial Occupied” tax rate noted in the paper, should be assessed at $282,000/year. However, the maximum amount a 3MW IWT will be assessed at in 2019, based on the $48,000/MW forecast, is $144,000 – approximately half what should be paid. It is not entirely clear that even this $48,000/MW forecast is accurate. This inequitable low taxation level has been directed by the Ontario Minister of Finance. The $181,000 touted by the author of the paper as an annual benefit to the township represents less than 1% of the annual revenue Ontario's ratepayers will be paying Invenergy Canada LLC for their generation of intermittent and unreliable power with this Strong Breeze project.  Residential taxation in Dutton Dunwich represents over 76% of all property taxes as noted in the report prepared by Mr. Holburn, so any impact (negative) due to IWT would drive those revenues down. Other factors which will eat away at those tax revenues are costs associated with road damage, fire protection, bylaw enforcement and increased OPP protection costs.

Residential Property Values: Property Values are not addressed other than saying there is no effect. Real estate agencies and mortgage brokers have a very different opinion. It is a requirement now of Canadian Real Estate Boards to include a warning to prospective buyers of any proposed IWT plans in the area. Should residential houses in Dutton Dunwich decrease in value, as generally happens when industrial wind turbines (IWT) are placed within 1 to 3 kilometers, the township could potentially lose more tax dollars from the decrease in value of those residences than the community benefit and property tax from the turbines jointly will generate on an annual basis.

Adverse Health Effects: Nowhere in the report is there a discussion of health issues. Discussions about health impacts from IWT are complex, and will not be fully covered in this rebuttal. Suffice it to say that a large percentage of people living in close proximity to IWT, physicians who try to help people who are suffering, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change who receives large numbers of complaints from suffering individuals, and indeed the wind industry itself, are all very aware that there are health impacts. Recent and emerging research can and will demonstrate this. But in the interim, as a direct result of these adverse health effects, property values suffer. To quote an area real estate agent, “Turbines complicate your property enjoyment, period. That alone spells depreciated values.”

Environmental Impacts: Mr. Holburn’s paper does not even mention the many environmental impacts that have been written extensively on, in relation to IWT. Damage to bat populations; damage to resident bird populations, as well as migrating birds; damage to the habitat of many animal, reptile and insect species; harmful to aquifers and ground water contamination; detrimental to cultural features that encourage tourism and its ensuing economic benefits; and damage to the social cohesiveness of rural communities, which is happening now in Dutton Dunwich, and will worsen if IWT’s are built here. Many of these impacts will be felt by DD if this project moves ahead. The resulting economic losses, while difficult to put a price tag on, will be tangible and will change our community in many negative ways.

Proposed Community Development Fund: Property taxes and donations are estimated at $181,000 per year. This returning of your tax and electricity bill dollars to you, as noted before, is a tiny fraction of the annual revenue from this project. Mr. Holburn estimates the Community Benefit Fund contribution to average $80,000 annually. This boils down to $20.61 per person (3880pop) per year. Is it really worth $20.00 a year for the pain and suffering this scheme will bring to our community? And don’t forget, it is your own money being so magnanimously given back to you!

Local Co-operative: The local Erie Breezes Energy Co-operative may see a modest investment return but at what ethical and personal cost? They would do better investing in ethical stocks and Canadian organizations.


This rebuttal represents the opinions of Dutton Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines. It is our hope that the reader will gain some insight and balance to the issues involved as a result of this rebuttal. In summary, this scheme is a bad idea that will have significant costs - economic costs, environmental costs, health and safety costs, and damage to community cohesiveness. There may still be time to avoid this 20 year plus mistake. We hope you get informed and become involved. We encourage you to share your feelings with all three levels of your elected representatives. Below are some of the links to materials used in this rebuttal.

Dutton Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines www.ddowt.ca 519-488-1640 [email protected] On Facebook - DDOWT


Excerpts from the 2015 Auditor General’s Report on Electricity: http://business.financialpost.com/fp-comment/excerpts-from-the-ontario-auditor-generals-report-on-electricity

Auditor General’s Report 2011 on Electricity Sector - Renewable Energy Initiatives: http://www.auditor.on.ca/en/content/annualreports/arreports/en11/303en11.pdf

Parker Gallant Energy Perspectives: https://parkergallantenergyperspectivesblog.wordpress.com/

Society of Professional Engineers - https://www.ospe.on.ca/public/documents/advocacy/2012-wind-electrical-grid.pdf

The Fraser Institute: https://www.fraserinstitute.org/sites/default/files/environmental-and-economic-consequences-ontarios-green-energy-act.pdf and https://www.fraserinstitute.org/article/its-official-ontarios-coal-phase-out-was-all-for-nothing

Wind Concerns Ontario: http://www.windconcernsontario.ca/

On tax assessments for IWT: http://www.windconcernsontario.ca/no-windfall-in-tax-revenue-for-ontario-communities-hosting-wind-farms/ and http://www.ontariocanada.com/registry/showAttachment.do?postingId=7322&attachmentId=11017

Articles on the realities of property devaluation in conjunction with IWT projects: http://ontario-wind-resistance.org/category/land-values/ and http://www.canadianrealestatemagazine.ca/news/industry-criticizes-wind-turbine-report-186496.aspx

Economic Benefits of Wind Power in Dutton Dunwich, opinion of Guy Holburn and Invenergy: http://strongbreezewind.com/documents/

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Ontario government is concerned about the lack of research on environmental and human health impact of wind turbines being built out in the Great Lakes, but ignores the proven negative impact on people and the environment in rural Ontario communities, due to the Industrial Wind Turbines they are allowing to be built.

A $25 Million penalty for cancelling pales in comparison to the $5 Billion their recently contracted projects will cost Ontarians, for energy we do not need, and will need to sell at a loss.

Read More:

$25 million penalty won’t end offshore turbine moratorium, province says

Ontario taxpayers on hook for $25 million over stalled wind power project

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ontario Energy: Residents want Dutton Dunwich wind farm project cancelled

By Jennifer Bieman, St. Thomas Times-Journal

Read the full article here

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Ontario Suspends Large Energy Renewable Procurement

Read the full news release here

Monday, August 8, 2016

Update on wind turbine noise emission research project

Congratulations Jane and WCO on developing this partnership, and working towards buy-in by all parties. 

It will be one of the most important pieces of unbiased research that has been done on the health impacts of IWT on humans to date. 

We look forward to updates and the final results and will be encouraging financial support amongst our supporters.

Click on the above photos to download and view the document

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

OFAH & Delta Waterfowl Letter to IWT Company

Click the above photos to enlarge

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

An appeal to keep Wind Turbines out of Dutton/Dunwich

By Brian Girard, Opinion Editorial in The London Free Press

Read the full editorial here

Monday, June 6, 2016

A Note from Wind Concerns Ontario:

Dear fellow Wind Concerns Ontario members:

By now you will have heard of the Environmental Review Tribunal decision regarding the wind power project at Ostrander Point. The community appealed the approval of this project on the basis that it is planned for an area of heightened environmental sensitivity.

The decision noted that the project is “not consistent with the general and renewable energy approval purposes” of the Environmental Protection Act, “nor does it serve the public interest…in this particular case, preventing such harm outweighs the policy of promoting renewable energy.”

We are asking everyone today to send the letter below to the Ontario Premier, the Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli, and the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray, to demand that the Ontario government cancel the contract for the Ostrander Point project, which has now not met its Key Contract Date.

Please cut and paste the note below (or use your own comments) and send to:

Premier Kathleen Wynne [email protected]

Energy Minister [email protected]

Environment and Climate Change Minister [email protected]

Copy your own Member of Provincial Parliament

Thank you!


Monday, June 6, 2016

The long awaited decision was announced this morning!

​The Environmental Review Tribunal in the case of the Ostrander Point, Prince Edward County Industrial Wind Turbine Project found that the remedies as proposed by the wind company to protect the endangered Blandings Turtles there, would not be effective. 

And as it has been established that serious and irreversible harm would result, proceeding with the project would "not be consistent" with the intent of renewable energy.
Congratulations and thanks to the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists and the citizens of Prince Edward and Ontario who are supporting this fight to protect the environment.​

Friday, June 3, 2016

In Southwestern Ontario, the Liberals' move to deny local control over turbine location led to the 'unwilling host' movement

By John Miner, the London Free Press

Read the full article here

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Monday, May 16, 2016

Study of health effects of wind turbines may duplicate other studies, board worries

By John Miner, The London Free Press

Read the full article here                                   

Friday, May 13, 2016

McWilliam: Voices of Dutton Dunwich residents ignored

By Cameron McWilliam, Opinon Letter in the London Free Press

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Bennetto: Native energy firm exec should see turbine damage

By Norah Bennetto, Opinon Letter in the London Free Press

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Petition Worth Signing

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We are asking you to watch this important video/opinion piece and sign the attached petition. 

Andrew Lawton from The Rebel Media has it right, and it is so refreshing to hear this opinion being expressed by someone from the city. With all of the wind turbines being forced upon rural communities, against their wishes, it is understandable that this seems to be a rural vs. urban fight. We appreciate his candor and common sense.